I keep batting in stock for your convenience!   Choice of  96 wide Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly blend (unbleached) or 93 wide Quilters Dream 100% cotton (unbleached).  If you do not specify, I will choose one for you.  I cut batting from the roll at 6 inches larger than the measurement of your quilt.  Often I can use the smaller measurement of your quilt, as the 96 or 93 wide accomodates many quilts.  Extra batting is returned to you.

Batting price $10.35 per yard (same price for either batting)

Here’s an example:

Quilt top measurement 80×60

  • The 96 or 93 wide will accomodate the 80 length.
  • I will cut batting from the roll at 66 inches (60 +6 =66).
  • Now divide 66 inches by 36 (36 inches in a yard) to figure out the price per yard.  66 divided by 36 = 1.83 yards.
  • 1.83 yards x 10.35 = $18.94 cost of batting.
  • Extra batting is returned to you.  Perfect for using in table runners, placemats, other smaller projects.