Edge to Edge Price

Price is the total of 3 components.*

  1. Quilting Service
  2. Thread
  3. Batting purchase (optional)

*Additional charges will be applied if additional work is needed.  The quilt should be received in a condition that is 100% ready for quilting.  Click here to view How to Prepare for Longarm Quilting to avoid any additional charges.  Click here to see additional services prices.

Quilting Service

Edge to edge quilting service price starts at .02 x Length x Width of the quilt.

Dense edge to edge designs range from .03 to .04 x Length x Width, depending on density of the quilting design.

*Note prices subject to change without notice at anytime.


Thread Charge is a flat fee, based on choice of thread color.

  • $5.00 Solid Color
  • $10.00 Varigated Color


You may supply your own batting, or purchase mine.  Choice of 96 wide Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly blend (unbleached) or Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton (unbleached).  If you do not specify, I will choose one for you.  I cut batting from the roll at 6 inches larger than the measurement of your quilt.  Often I can use the smaller measurement of your quilt, as the 96 or 93 wide accomodates many quilts.  Extra batting is returned to you.

Batting price $10.35 per yard.  (same price for either batting)

Here’s an example of edge to edge at .02 price point

Quilting Service

  • Quilt top measurement 80 (length) x 60 (width)
  • 80 x 60 = 4800 (total square inches)
  • 4800 x .02 (price) = $96.00
  • Edge to edge quilting service charge is $96.00.


In this example, we selected one solid color thread.

  • Solid color thread flat fee = $5.00


  • The 96 wide will accomodate the 80 length.
  • I will cut batting from the roll at 66 inches (60 +6 =66).
  • Now divide 66 inches by 36 (36 inches in a yard) to figure out the price per yard.  66 divided by 36 = 1.83 yards.
  • 1.83 yards x 10.35 = $18.94 cost of batting.

Total price is Quilting Service + Thread + Batting

  • 96.00 + 5.00 + 18.94 = $119.94 (PA tax may apply)